Jennifer Chahal

For Catholic School Board Trustee - WARD 73

I am a mother who is concerned with the direction that ECSD is headed into.
Our system is failing, I want to provide OUR children with the best educational environment possible.
I know what the students need to become successful.


Jennifer Chahal has lived in Ward 73 for over 8 years and currently lives in the Casselman neighbourhood. She is happily married to her husband, Perry Chahal, and is the proud mother of her three sons, Xavier, Isaiah, and Elijah. Two of her children attend their neighbourhood school, St. Dominic. With her own children’s enrolment in Edmonton Catholic Schools, Jennifer will have an elevated interest in the future of Catholic education for the next twenty plus years.  Jennifer has been actively involved with her Catholic faith for over 30 years, attending Catholic schools from primary school through to University, and continuing on to teach within the Edmonton Catholic School Board.  She is a member of St. Dominic Savio Parish.

Jennifer knows what is needed in the school setting for students to be successful. She has been employed as a full time teacher as well as a substitute teacher with Edmonton Catholic Schools consecutively since 2007. She has first-hand experience as a teacher in the Catholic Schools within Ward 73, teaching full time at St. Gerard School as well as substituting at various schools throughout Ward 73. Jennifer continues to have a very open dialogue with students, parents, staff, teachers, and administration in various schools throughout the Ward and the District. She knows the concerns of the schools within the Ward and is ready to work to achieve what is needed.

Jennifer gives back to the community by being actively involved with coaching sports throughout her community as well as other parts of the city. She graduated Magna cum laude (with honours and distinction) from Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN, where she received a full soccer scholarship and became an NCAA National Champion. Jennifer also attained outstanding coaching skills from her experiences coaching boys and girls school and club soccer, which now enable her to give back more to her own community. In combination with her Personal Training Certification, Jennifer helps athletes of all ages to enjoy and excel in sport.

Jennifer is a MOTHER, a COMMUNITY MEMBER, and an EDUCATOR. She excels in her abilities to listen, communicate, and rise to action. Jennifer believes that the education of our youth needs to be one of the prime focuses of society. As more and more problems are being presented within the District, Jennifer will be the CHANGE that calls for action. She WILL represent your concerns to ensure your child’s overall success and enjoyment in Edmonton Catholic Schools.

Why I want to be a Catholic School Trustee?

Schools throughout the District are not being funded adequately, classroom sizes are too large, teachers have a huge work load, we are not keeping up with 21st Century learning in all schools, inclusive classrooms are not supported adequately, and Early Learning Programs should be made available to all families.